Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home For Christmas

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Prepare Your Home For Christmas

Joyfully Deck the Halls… But Clear the Decks First

As Christmas approaches, you may be feeling overwhelmed about doing everything to prepare your home. Before you buy anything, plan to declutter and make room for the presents and festive gear. Use these ideas to make the run up to Christmas easier and prevent the last-minute scramble.

Stop Christmas Chaos in its Tracks

See what you can get rid of before new stuff arrives at Christmas. The change of season is a compelling reason to declutter. Help the kids declutter any clothes or toys that are outgrown, no longer used or broken. Pop the good stuff for donation in a cardboard box and take it to a local charity before Christmas. Identify anything the kids have outgrown and get their OK to move it out. This will prevent overstuffed cupboards and shelves. It’s the perfect time of year to donate gently used items. Tell little ones that gently used toys will go to disadvantaged kids who need them.

Buy Expensive Christmas Items Gradually to Prevent Bill Shock

Christmas food, drink and presents are expensive, and add stress to your household overheads. If you start planning early, you can spread the cost of the holiday season over months instead of all at the last minute. Get a list done and buy items gradually when they are on special. 

Presents for You

Take inventory of your luxury/ self-care items in your bedroom and bathroom. Purge anything that has expired or gone off.  Are any of your favourites running out? Ask for refills of your special skin lotions and perfume so you get what you want for Christmas.

Take 30 Minutes to Organise your Freezer and Pantry

It’s a fact that you will have to store much more food than usual in the Holiday season. Start eating out of your freezer to make room for all the tasty frozen seasonal food. If you want to stay clear of plastic check out the Stasher Silicone Stand up Fridge/Freezer Bags

Go through your pantry and get rid of any expired or old food items. Remember the yeast that was so prized in 2020?  It may be too old to work properly. Take the time to gather some food to donate to a community food bank.

Entertaining Made Easy  

You can be a great host without all the stress. Just relax and enjoy your guests. Before you entertain, check you have enough glasses and plates, now that single use plastic items are banned in most States.  

**Creative Tip**

Wrap your existing paintings on the wall in bright Christmas paper, add a bow and you have quick wall decorations that can easily be converted back to normal in January.

Better Ways with Decoration Storage

Do you have too many decorations to manage? Does the thought of dragging heavy Christmas decorations out of the attic or storage area fill you with dread? Do your future self a favour for next year by giving up the old, broken or fugly decorations.  The ones that never make it onto the tree, but hover on the bottom of the container covered in old glitter, can be thrown away or recycled.

Decorations that you simply cannot part with but are not “tree worthy”, can be put in a separate memory box with other special sentimental items. Egg carton inside your larger plastic will protect fragile baubles and figurines.

When packing up your decorations, try to keep the similar items together and not tangled.

Make each container small enough and light enough to be able to lift easily. Make sure to label the outside (on minimum 2 sides) with a description of the contents.

Making Wrapping Gifts Easier

Go through your stored wrapping paper and gift bags. Discard anything wrinkled or dusty or mouldy.  Why not use a colourful fabric sack instead of wrapping paper. They are reusable, ecofriendly and save lots of time on Christmas eve.

If you just love wrapping paper, set up a wrapping station set up for ergonomic comfort. Have the scissors, tape, and ribbons within arm’s reach. This slide and stack set is great for organising stationery.

Store your wrapping paper upright in a good quality clear suit bag inside a cupboard door You can see what you have and grab wrapping rolls easily.

By taking the time to organise and prepare your home now, you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the holiday season stress-free. Merry Christmas!.

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