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I have spent the last 6 months avidly learning all about running a small business. Covid has been constantly on all our minds, but there have been some excellent opportunities created by this global pandemic.

It amazes me that I can get terrific business advice on marketing, hygiene, sales and digital media creation from the luxury of my office laptop. Zoom has eliminated the commute to workshops and has allowed me to see sessions from the North Coast of NSW and beyond.

Most of these Zoom meetings are free, but fun and interactive. I have paid money for specific courses on Canva and an American home organising course over the new year. Both have been lots of fun, specially the one in a big international group. 

Running a small business is all about balance. I am hopeful I can balance applying all the new things that will make my business better with getting out and helping my clients to a new organised life.

road with learning never ends
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