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What happens to the items that you take away?

We recycle as much as we can and we throw the least possible into landfill.

We drop items in good condition off at charity shops. Please let us know which charities you prefer to support.

We take anything recyclable to our local recycle centre.

How much does it cost to have a professional organiser?

Zing Home Organising offers a service that is tailored to you. It is a fully customized approach. Most professional organisers charge at an hourly rate. It is difficult to estimate how much time it will take to organise each area, due to differing levels of clutter. The speed that an area will become decluttered and organised does depend on how quickly a client can make decisions. We are sure that you will feel great as soon as we make a start!

Do your sessions include cleaning?

Zing Home Organising will do minor cleaning (a quick wipe) during a session but will help you find a professional cleaner once the house is organised.

Will I need to be present during the sessions?

Not always, but this will speed up the organising and lowers the cost to you.

What supplies do I need to have?

We bring everything, but we may suggest you buy extra storage items AFTER we declutter the space.

Can I keep going once you have gone?

Yes, we encourage you to keep going between sessions. This will keep your costs down and get you results more quickly.

How hard is it to organise my home?

Professional organisers are trained to work with each person’s organising style. Zing Home Organising staff do not bully or make you feel judged on what you want to keep. We do ask a lot of questions and try to get you to re-examine some of your old habits.

Will you get me to throw everything away?

No – but we will try to convince you that your life will be easier and more manageable with less possessions around you.

Can decluttering help with my mood?

Decluttering can help you feel less overwhelmed and anxious. It certainly helps to speed up the cleaning of your house.

Can decluttering help with stress?

Reducing clutter reduces the amount items to worry about cleaning or keeping track of. It is stressful not being able to find things.

Where do I start organising?

It is best to start small with projects that can be finished in the initial session.

How do I decide what to keep?

Your professional organiser will ask you sensible and sometimes deep questions to help you decide whether an item is kept or decluttered.

I’m overwhelmed, where do I start?

Talk to Zing Home Organising, we will give you helpful advice to start at a place that will encourage you to keep going.

I’m moving house, where do I start decluttering?

We advise to start in the kitchen when you are moving house then planning furniture placement in the new place etc. Sentimental items are usually last.

I think I have hoarding tendencies, what should I do?

Zing Home Organising can help you work out if you do keep too much stuff.

My partner is keeping too much stuff, what should I do?

Talk to us, we can give you advice to look for ways to communicate with your partner about your concerns.

How do I get rid of gifts without feeling guilty?

Zing Home Organising can give you frank advice and a framework to pass on unwanted gifts to charity.

Which parts of Sydney do you service?

Zing Home Organising travels to all of Greater Metropolitan Sydney.

Do you do virtual organising?

Yes, virtual organising can be a great solution to paper clutter or if your health cannot tolerate someone coming into your house. Book a free discovery phone call to arrange it.

Can I declutter before I downsize?

We recommend a good declutter before you downsize.

Do I have to be a minimalist after I declutter?

You definitely do not have to become a minimalist, if you like visual abundance.
Everyone has their own level of comfort about how much of their possessions they like to see and have. Its all about feeling relaxed and organised in your own space, not someone else’s rules.

I am elderly, would you help me move to a nursing home?

Zing Home Organising would love to assist you in a move to a nursing home. We take the extra care to see to that your items are treated with respect and nothing is disposed of without your permission.

Can you help my parents move? I live interstate.

Zing Home Organising specialises in helping our more mature clients plan and move without the stress of having to do it all themselves.

Is decluttering worth the money?

Definitely -every time we declutter and organise a client they find many lost items that are either valuable or would have cost money to replace.

What does Spark Joy mean?

Spark Joy is a term coined by Marie Kondo and describes a feeling of joy in holding or looking at a possession. It is a good way to decide between two items. Keep the item that sparks joy within you!

Can I declutter with my toddler around?

We are used to toddlers from our own families. We know the organising will be quicker without the kids around. For mothers with no choice but to have the toddlers around, we can adapt our processes to accommodate this.

How does it work?

Usually, the first step in organising is decluttering, then assessing the space(measuring), then putting only the items that need to be kept in place in a way that is both practical and pleasing to the eye of the owner.

Are you concerned about he environment?

Yes- Zing Home Organising will do all they can to stop unwanted items from your home, going to landfill. It is the last resort.

Do you work in hoarded homes?

Yes – we have lots of experience in hoarded homes and will make it as pain free as possible. We will not show any judgement about any hoarding.

Do you offer removalist services?

Yes – ask us for a quote and we can arrange removalists for you at a very competitive rate

What are your Covid-19 Safe procedures?

Your safety and wellbeing are paramount. Zing Home Organising will comply with the current Covid-19 rules. We will stay 1.5 m away from you. We will hand sanitise before work commences and regularly during our visit.

Our tools have been sanitised before our visit.

Our workers have been 5 x vaccinated.

Our workers will wear a mask (fitted face covering) at all times during our visit to your house, unless you request otherwise.

If any worker is unwell, we will ensure testing is done as soon as practical. You will be informed if they become aware of having tested positive to COVID-19 or have been notified they are a close contact and they have been at your home in the week prior.

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