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What a Professional Organiser Does Not Say or Do

Zing Home Organising will take it slow when you want to be slow. On the flip side, we will suggest some innovative ideas to store your items. We can give solutions that are tailored to the way you want to live. Or just adjust to the life you are living currently. This can be in the season of parenthood, moving, downsizing, or ruthlessly culling. I don’t believe you can be happy with decisions based on pressure, bullying, or rapid action.
Give us a call or book an obligation free 30 minutes phone call or Zoom.

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Emotional Lessons as a Professional Organiser

Lockdown and Covid was hard. It was easy to buy stuff, keep stuff and try to justify stuff. We thought we had all the time in the world to declutter and organise.
Do you need support to just get started? Zing Home Organising can help you at the beginning, the middle and end of decluttering and organising. We offer a free 30-minute phone call or Zoom call to discuss what you need.

Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home For Christmas

As Christmas approaches, you may be feeling overwhelmed about doing everything to prepare your home. Before you buy anything, plan to declutter and make room for the presents and festive gear.
Use these ideas to prepare for Christmas and prevent the last-minute scramble.
Joyfully deck the halls, but clear the decks first!

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