6 Simple Ways For You to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed When Decluttering

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6 Simple Ways for you to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed when Decluttering

We all know that clear spaces are calm and inviting. They can assist with productivity and stress-free living. For some of us, thinking about cleaning out a cluttered space can feel exhausting. There are several ways of breaking down this daunting task into easy steps. Follow these tips to dip your toe into organising your spaces without too much angst. It is possible to get the clutter-free home of your dreams.

Decision Time

First, set clear goals for your declutter project. To avoid overwhelm, it’s a good idea to start small and specific. Try walking into a room and choosing a modest space to focus on: be it a corner, a desk drawer or a shelf. Choose something manageable where you will be able to see good results in a relatively short space of time. As you work, keep your focus on this area – don’t be tempted to hop from space to space! Seeing the impact of a clear area will give you the confidence to keep the momentum going and tackle the next job.  

Manage your time

Try setting a specific time for each decluttering session. Keeping to the manageable theme, start small. You’ll be surprised in what you can achieve in only 20-30 minutes. This also prevents burnout by avoiding marathon decluttering shifts. You don’t want to end up creating more mess than you clear! The ideal session is one where you can finish an area within the allocated time.

Create a Sorting System

A tried and tested approach to sorting is the “Keep, Donate, Rubbish” method. Use boxes or large containers for each category. Try not to second guess a decision. Your first thought is usually correct. Try not to spend too much time deciding what to do with each individual item.

Hot Tip –
Have a cardboard box that you are happy to give away along with the items to go to the Op Shop. This goes in your car as soon as you can.

Help is at hand!

Are you are still experiencing some worry or overwhelm at the thought of embarking on a clean-up? Why not enlist a decluttering buddy to help you along? An outsider’s perspective can help if you are having trouble letting go of items. This is where booking a Professional Organiser can be a game changer. Professional Organisers are skilled at helping break down the project into something manageable. They take the pain away from all the steps above and can even making it fun to do.

Getting the Stuff Out of the Home

Removing the rubbish or items for donation from the home can be one of the harder parts of decluttering. Zing Home Organising will

fill up their vehicles with stuff that you cannot manage yourself. Then it is off your mind. Relax and let your Professional Organiser take it for donation, recycling or landfill.

Zing Home Organising will see to it that items are recycled or donated appropriately.

Practice regular maintenance

Finally, once you have organised an area, don’t undo your hard work by allowing clutter to creep back in! Maintain the serenity by spending a few minutes each day casting a critical eye over your clean space.

Have a go at “Shopping your own Stuff”. Most of us have beautiful unused items at the back of cupboards that have been hidden. Bring them out to enjoy. This is the cheapest way to go shopping, particularly for clothes. Give it a go!

It’s about progress not perfection

Follow the simple steps above to turn the task of decluttering into a manageable and even enjoyable process. It’s about progress, not perfection. Each small step counts towards creating a clutter-free and harmonious environment.

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