Logistics and Supply Chain Taught Me About Organising

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I worked in Logistics and Supply Chain for 10 years before I made the leap into Professional Organising. My first professional job was to keep a huge paint warehouse organised for Dulux Paints. I was up a scissor lift, high in the air, when the Newcastle earthquake hit 170 kms away. It felt like the building had been hit by a truck. I’m lucky we were not close to the epicenter. I loved roaming around the warehouse, finding missing cans of specialty paint for customers. It was very important that the staff, were able to make up their orders easily and efficiently. It  was one of my jobs to lay out the warehouse properly with “fast movers” at the front and the “slow movers” down the back. It was also a delightfully cold place in the the Summer because the cans of paint retained the cold very well( like an esky).

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