Father’s Day -How to Avoid the Socks and Jocks

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Give Your Father the Best Gift Ever

How to Avoid the Box of Socks and Jocks.

A recent survey of Aussie men found that more than 40% chose “being told you are loved” as the number one gift they could get this Father’s Day. Please read on for ideas on what to organise, to show your love for your dad, grandpa, father-in-law, and father-figure.

Research the target

Enlist the help of your children to spy (such a harsh word).  If you are the child, be a detective to see what dad wants for his special day.  The global pandemic has seen family life undergo huge changes.  Dads may have a changed outlook if they have been working from home or have missed out on seeing loved ones. It is worth considering if dad is even more involved or connected to home-based activities like cooking, gardening, or DIY.

Now is the time to really focus on any new behaviour or trends you think he is following.

What does he truly appreciate?

Does he love receiving physical or service-based gifts?

Does he love having things done for him? Or does he long for a homemade gift? Does he just want a bit of attention and acknowledgement on this one Sunday of the year?

Consider giving dad the gift of time – uninterrupted time to spend on his hobby or favourite show.

Top Tip

People who are terrific gift-givers are often the ones who adore getting thoughtful gifts in return.

The thing is to always be kind. Never ever give dad a gift that you have to explain as – “I was only joking”.

Research the Market Online

Research the market as best you can, with the time you have. Armed with new information, you can start looking at some really personalised gifts. Be resourceful and think outside of the square. Be careful about delivery dates. You need to get a handle on delivery times right now.

Think about how to prevent dad from seeing a delivery if he is working from home.

What to Buy?

  • The gift of time with loved ones (kids or partner).
  • Something to get the blood pumping, for example an experience voucher (this can be homemade or downloaded from an online vendor).
  • Something that makes him immortal – for example, having a star named after him (Google it- it’s a real thing!).
  • A meal that has zero effort from him (or is this only a Mother’s Day thing?).
  • Something tech-related (could be a storage solution to keep his tech safe or easy to find).
  • Something to stimulate his mind such as a book.
  • Plenty of kid cuddles (no harm in having this on the list every year).
  • Something luxurious that smells nice or helps him with his personal grooming, think shaving or massaging (as long as it is not a sore point – see “Be Kind” above).
  • Something to help him make fantastic food in the kitchen (keep it fun and not too practical).
  • Something to organise his sports kit (this one can be very practical).
  • Something to organise his tools or gardening equipment (OK– some fathers are just very hard to buy for….).
  • Something to support a local business such as a prepaid voucher for a local speciality food or drink.
  • Something to help with his love of the environment for example a recycling station, compost system (please note – rubbish bins are rarely a good Father’s Day present).
  • A game to play with his family or friends.

Top Tip

Be very intentional with gadgets. Make sure it is an object he will actually use. No one wants to get a useless bit of plastic just for the sake of ticking the Father’s Day present box.

How to wrap it up?

Does dad love surprises? A fun idea is to wrap a small gift in a series of boxes -finishing with a huge box and let him think he is getting a large present when it is not. A service-loving father may love getting a hand-drawn card to go with a voucher for a massage, brewery tasting tour or fishing.

For the father of adult children, a combination of a physical present and a loving letter from all of his children will touch his sentimental streak.

If you are unable to get the present wrapped because of distance or time – set up a Zoom or FaceTime call.

Top Tip

See if you can time a video call to watch his reaction unwrapping your present.

Sending a loving message on a Father’s Day card is essential. The gesture will mean the world to him.

How to top it next year? Start researching the day after Father’s Day.

Two tips to finish.

  • Any experienced Professional Organiser will tell you it is never a good idea to “tidy up” his stuff without permission.
  • Don’t leave things to the last minute, start planning now!

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