How A Professional Organiser Makes Moving Easier

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How a Professional Organiser Makes Moving Easier

The Story….

My friend was telling me about her experience moving house. She had 3 kids under 8 and was 7 months pregnant with her 4th. She was working full time, and the move happened on a day she was facilitating at a conference. She employed a larger company that offered a “professional unpack”.

She had a surprize waiting for her when she got home. The unpackers had unpacked the contents of her old home into the new, quite small kitchen.

My friend had to laugh at the way the unpackers had prioritised her items.

They put her set of martini glasses front and centre in the most accessible cupboard in the kitchen. They looked amazing. They had also put all the everyday plates and cups in the cupboard in the hall with most of the pantry items.

This is an example of not seeing the particular circumstances of the client. My pregnant friend with quite small children had zero use for martini glasses for the next year.  Having small children in a small kitchen, you need access to the frequently used items.

It was fixable and an amusing story to tell. It is easy for a well-meaning Profession Organiser to neglect to ask the right questions of a client. Or assume that people in different stages of life all behave in the same way.

The process of downsizing with a person from the Baby Boomer generation will be completely different to circumstances of a person of the Millennial generation or even GenX.

I always try to ask the right number of questions to find out what a client’s values and goals are for the new home.

For example. If you are downsizing, take the opportunity to stop being the grand entertainer of the family. Give away the big dinner set. If you don’t intend on hosting big family events in the future, it is not necessary to have all those plates and cutlery. You don’t want to store it in your new smaller home.

The Pre-move

Consider adding a pre-move plan for an extra set of eyes and hands, that is personalised to you. Cut stress, save time, and make your new place feel like home faster. Professional Organisers reduce the time the removalists are in the house. We can handle the organisation before and after the move. We ask the right questions and place your possessions right where they belong, from day one.

Decluttering and Downsizing

Moving is the chance to declutter, so you are not paying good money to move items that you won’t need in the future.

Zing Home Organising will provide support and guidance through the whole decluttering process. We support your decisions and prioritising of essential items.

Packing and Organisation

Professional Organisers have effective packing strategies to save on breakage, time and money. We clearly label boxes, to make sure the removalists know where to put boxes when they arrive at the new home. Fragile or precious items will be properly protected during transit then unpacked safely and effectively.

Settling into the New Home

It is common to hear sad stories of people never getting around to unpacking all of their boxes. How many times have you heard of overfull garages with too many unpacked boxes.

We specialise in placing possessions in the right place, from the beginning. We will not leave the home until all the beds are made, and the kitchen and bathrooms are all unpacked and ready to use.  We are good judges of how to create beautiful and functional living spaces.

If you like this story, have a look at my article published in Howards Storage World about how to sort out your kitchen. 

Sorting Out Your Kitchen Containers

Many clients say things like. “I couldn’t have done it without your help”. And “You made the move so much better”. And “I just couldn’t be at both houses to cope with the packing and the unpacked, so your help saved my sanity”.

Being organised is extremely important when planning a move. Getting a Professional Organiser to assist will save money, time and stress.

 Call Zing Home Organising to facilitate your next successful move.

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